Consultancy Services

A premier name in the service industry, ours is an organization, specialized in providing consultancy services throughout Sambalpur (Odisha, India). Associated with qualified and skilled consultants, we cater to MLA, MP, collector, SP and assist them in comprehend and upgrade their workability. Besides, we provide consultancy for establishing model village (adarsh gram) and model town (green, clean, smart, eco-friendly, ultra-modern). With years of experience and industry knowledge, we provide comprehensive solutions for handling CSR fund, all types of waste management projects related to industrial waste, mines waste, municipal waste, power plant waste, etc. For further discussion, reach us through our contact us page.


We provide consultancy for:

  • How to become the best MLA (Member Of Legislative Assembly), MP (Member Of Parliament), Collector and SP (Superintendent Of Police)  
  • How to develop a model village (Adarsh Gram), Model Town (Green, Clean, Smart, Eco friendly, Ultra-Modern Technology) 
  • How to manage CSR fund (best utilization in unique ideas projects)  
  • How to manage industrial waste, mine waste, municipal waste, power plant waste, household waste, e-waste and plastic waste.

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